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Dental Implants Long Island

We know that you have many choices for your dental care. We also know how important your health and smile are. That is why Dr. Elliot & Dr. Nick are proud to offer comfortable care in a relaxing and tranquil environment. Whether you would like to be sedated or just listen to your favorite music, our focus is solely on the best ways to maximize the health and beauty of your smile.

At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, our goal is to provide dental experiences and results that far surpass anything you have experienced. At the office of Dr. Elliot & Dr. Nick, you will find a team of caring, highly trained and dedicated professionals, who understand not only the technical aspects of your care, but the emotional aspects of your comfort and special needs.

We aim to provide dental experiences and results that surpass your expectations. Here, you will find caring professionals who understand the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile. This understanding also includes being able to see the end from the beginning. Some individuals may come to Dr. Elliot & Dr. Nick wanting a specific procedure or asking about general oral health.  Dr. Elliot & Dr. Nick know what a smile makeover can do to the whole face and can help a patient achieve spectacular results in a short amount of time, sometimes eliminating the need for more extensive and more costly cosmetic procedures.

Rocky Point cosmetic dentists Dr. Elliot & Dr. Nick include their patients in all aspects of the decision making process. Their ultimate goal is to create a smile for each patient that makes them happy and improves their lives.

If you have considered dental implants and/or making cosmetic enhancements to your smile, or if you are looking for a new dental home, it is crucial that you choose a cosmetic and restorative dentist who has the experience and knowledge to provide the results you are dreaming of.  Please visit our other areas to help you make a sound decision with your dental health.

Call us today at (631) 246-4992 to schedule your personal consultation or email us at 31fairway@gmail.com.  You can also contact us regarding any questions or comments you may have regarding Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, this website, or to arrange to talk to Dr. Elliot  & Dr. Nick regarding their dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, or sedation dentistry services.